An overview of humanitarian action
Iraq has witnessed unprecedented levels of displacement as a result of the conflict between coalition forces and ISIS. Of the more than 5.6 million Iraqis who have fled their homes since 2014, 1.4 million remain internally displaced.
More than 4 million Iraqis have returned to their areas of origin. Humanitarian organizations believe that many of these returns were premature, unsafe, or involuntary. Iraqis have returned to areas that lack basic infrastructure, utility services, and livelihood opportunities, or where IEDs have not been cleared. Challenges include lack of security, community acceptance, housing, property, civil documentation and education.

The humanitarian community estimates that more than 4.1 million Iraqis will need assistance in 2020, and they initially requested US $ 520 million to provide basic assistance (HRP 2020). With the largely completed military operations against ISIS, the Iraqi government now faces new challenges, including managing civil unrest, mitigating the effects of Covid-19, lower oil prices and economic productivity.