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The Global Peace Ambassadors project on the reconstruction of Mosul
Project goals
The project works in the humanitarian fields in Iraq and gives the city of Mosul the greatest attention. It is the first goal in the project that the Iraqi government and international organizations announced that it was affected by the military operations. In 2014, after the terrorist organization controlled a third of the area of Iraq, the most important of which was the historic city of Mosul, to destroy its ancient civilization and history. Which prompted us to stand by the Iraqi people and Mosul, and it was only to go to Iraq and open our office in Erbil because of the stable security situation that allows us to work freely and near the city of Mosul. We asked Mr. Masoud Barzani, president of the region, to hold a peace conference in Erbil in 2015 and delivered the request to the Iraqi embassy to deliver it to
Concerned through the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project was halted until the city of Mosul was restored and the local government and official services were restored.
1 - Launching an international humanitarian project by the international peace ambassadors accredited to the United Nations.
2- The International Conference in Iraq, Erbil.
3 - An information program in Mosul and its ancient history.
4- World Peace Ambassadors travel program around the world.
5- The international community and decision-makers explained the extent of the devastation caused by the military operations.

Launching the project: The project was launched in 2015 according to our letter issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Brazil No. 602/8, 16/6/2015, addressed to the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And upon an official invitation from Ambassador Dr. Muhammad Al-Hamdani as head of the project, and the number of participants was ten ambassadors and from several countries, to get acquainted with the conditions of the displaced and their lives in displacement camps and the human life in their population areas to restore stability. In coordination with the Nineveh Governorate Council and a special meeting for this purpose, it was agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding to work with international organizations on the project. Then signing a protocol after the project, the articles and paragraphs that will work on the reconstruction of the city of Mosul. An international conference was held in Erbil in the presence of ambassadors of world peace, ambassadors of countries and consulates accredited in Iraq, international organizations, companies working in reconstruction and construction, businessmen interested in Iraqi affairs and the official authorities chosen in agreement with international organizations. The duration of the conference is four days
the second day:
Visiting the IDP camps in Khazar and Dohuk. And knowing the suffering they live in the camp, the reasons for not returning to their areas of residence, and what are the reasons and obstacles that prevent this. The basic needs that make their lives better and easier to live away from their homes. The participation of IDPs in the camps is one of the activities that aims to alleviate them
The third day: the visit of the international peace ambassadors and the accompanying delegation to the city of Mosul and the meeting with the local government represented by the provincial council and its members and the security services operating inside the city of Mosul. Meeting with the general directors of the service and engineering department and developing work programs to manage projects that will be funded by donor and friendly countries to restore stability to the city of Mosul
. The visit of Old Mosul and the international peace ambassadors put the extent of the devastation and attention to the loss of the people of Mosul from a role in which they had a shelter to live in and became homeless in tents. This is what the Iraqi government in Baghdad knows that it is unable to compensate those affected by the military operations. This indicates the return of stability and the return of people to their areas of residence due to the lack of housing, and it has become a rift. Meeting national elites and talents to benefit from their experiences to work on projects in the city and to work on forming volunteer youth teams to work on speeding up work and projects through a youth energy meeting and request at the University of Mosul.
To provide the best possible in universities by allocating projects to the University of Mosul. This is accompanied by a media team to document it, to show it to the international community during and during the trip. The fourth day: the final declaration of the conference and the statement of decisions and recommendations issued by the conference.