Since the establishment of the International Parliament in 1984 until today, the International Parliament for Security and Peace has been working to reach areas of wars, conflicts, and natural disasters around the world, to provide relief to victims and the persecuted, and to provide aid. For the needy. And needy. Homeless, without any distinction between religion, race, language, or nationality. ; Based on the principle of disseminating and protecting human rights and freedoms. The committee started its activities on a voluntary basis. The situation continued in this way until it gained its institutional character in 1986, and over the years it was a human bridge, starting from decision-makers to 123 countries on 5 continents.
It is an international organization that manages the United Nations as an observer. It was registered in 1984 in São Paulo, Brazil, with its headquarters in New York and its subsidiaries in 123 countries around the world, and it works in the field of human rights and documenting human rights violations in the world.
She works in the field of human rights and documenting human rights violations in the world. Follow up on the implementation of United Nations resolutions and recommendations of the Security Council. One of our priorities is to resolve conflicts in the world and rebuild countries afflicted by wars and natural disasters
the message
The organization seeks to spread awareness, consolidate the values of social solidarity, and rehabilitate societies
Spreading peace in conflict areas and promoting the spirit of social solidarity
The organization cooperates with international organizations to provide the best expertise and assistance through specialized experts and with international support from the UN advisor, the international community, and international organizations.
Its prominent role is the return of the displaced after restoring normal life, providing the most basic necessities of life, and rebuilding the liberated cities after their liberation. It begins with a major international project through a trip that includes Global Peace Ambassadors around the world to collect donations for the reconstruction of Nineveh and the liberated cities.
The organization has branches in Iraq in Mosul, Dohuk, Zakho, Baghdad, and its main branch, Erbil

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